What’s the problem?

This is the first question I ask every client, and rarely do they know the REAL answer because it is subconscious.

It’s highly likely that you’ve already asked yourself this same question. You know what you want and you’re ready to embrace it fully. It can be irritating. If this is happening in your business or career it might be costing you precious time and money that you are not aware of. You set out to create a life that has meaning and is fulfilling, yet you find yourself wondering when you’ll get there. If you find yourself questioning how to you make life sweeter, I want you to know it’s easier than you think. 

The SECRET to living a fulfilling, self-actualized life is fusing conscious choice, the power of the subconscious mind and our connection to consciousness.


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Expansion∞ology is the fusion of the conscious, subconscious and consciousness to reveal your true authenticity. Integrating success with authenticity is the secret to self-actualization.

You’ve probably realized it’s time to address whatever this is.

Even though you are wildly successful and you’ve hired coaches for years, do you ever find yourself thinking

  • If people only knew I am really not that smart.
  • How do I trust myself to make the right decision?
  • I am afraid of going back to where I was.
  • I am terrified that I am really not enough when people acknowledge me.
  • My fear spikes and I feel disconnected.
  • I want to do something for myself, but I keep have thoughts of fear and doubt.
  • What if I drop the ball on a big opportunity.

Logically you know that this doesn’t make any sense. After all, you are successful and have evidence you can make things happen.

If you’re not careful, you’ll wake up 10 years from now and still be questioning yourself.

The real problem?

This is a subconscious issue and conscious problem solving, journaling, meditating, coaching and self-hypnosis won’t bring the insights that eliminate the issue creating this internal friction because this is a subconscious issue.

and authentic, Expanded Visionaries create a limitless, self-actualized life

Hi there, I’m Penny Chiasson.

I am gifted at seeing the patterns that cast shadow on the most brilliant souls–my clients. I see past the superficial, and go straight to the heart of your desires. It is your birthright to live an exhilarating life just by being. As a guide and facilitator I crack the subconscious conditioning, letting the light in. It is in your own words that I see and hear what you truly want and lead you through a transformation that exceeds your imagination.

My previous clients have:

  • Set boundaries to put themselves first to eliminate people-pleasing anxiety so they no longer felt trapped.
  • Crushed analysis paralysis so they could cut unfulfilling segments of their business and grow the company to multi-8 figures in less than 18 months.
  • Released the need to control all aspects of their business so that the business could grow to multi-7 figures and enjoy their achievements
  • Unlocked the happiness that was buried so deep they forgot what it felt like.
  • Release fear, resentment and anger so they could reconnect with a family member and be present with them in the last months of their life with a healthy closure free of guilt or shame.
  • In less than 8 weeks been on track to TRIPLE their revenue.
  • Saved about $1M dollars in projects, events and programs that were created from a need for validation
  • Gotten back 10-15 hours a week creating more family-centered time. 
  • Gained the momentum and confidence that led to a first six-figure month in less than 6 months


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Melhem W. Entrepreneur

Justina G: Sales and Offer Coach.

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