Is your former training blocking your success?

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Penny Chiasson here, welcome to Design Your Destiny. In today’s episode, I am sharing with you how your past career training could be blocking your entrepreneurial success. 

If you’re like many of my clients you moved away from your previous career because you found a different passion. Or perhaps, you decided to take the skill set you have and want to package and deliver it according to your own values and vision in your own business. There are great opportunities to learn and grow as an employee or solopreneur, but the way of being that makes you successful in those roles will not get you to the higher level of success as the joyful CEO of your life and business.

1:50 – The role internal awareness plays in our entrepreneurial success

4:30 – The question I ask myself to rediscover my true nature as a leader

6:50 – The training and career experience I had to be aware of to shift into my role as the joyful CEO

9:00 – How awareness has allowed me to top blocking my success and shift into creating a life of desire

Remember, self-awareness is not a one time exercise, this introspection is an ongoing practice that is necessary as you design your life the way that you want to live it.

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