Suicide Awareness – Real. Raw. Right Now.

I feel strongly that this message of suicide awareness needs to get out in the world. Someone needs to hear this today. It may be you or someone that you know.  My goal is that you have more understanding and awareness about how it feels to battle with thoughts of suicide.  This my personal experience.  If you find yourself experiencing any of the things I’m talking about, please reach out to a medical professional and ask for help. 

7:13 – My backstory

12:22 – How my side business and work became a distraction from my anger, fear and uncertainty

16:50 – The moment my rage got out of control

18:20 – How I dealt with and healed from thoughts of suicide 

25:48 – Being aware and compassionate can help someone struggling with thoughts of suicide

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

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