The No-Bullsh*t Approach to Dealing With Your Emotions

Hello joyful souls! Today, I speak with my dear friend and mentor Lisa Carpenter. She’s a master coach and emotional resiliency expert with a no-bullshit approach to helping you take care of things in your life. And I know that about her personally because two years ago, she called me out on my bull and helped me make a huge change. In this episode, we discuss positivity culture, processing your emotions, and doing so in healthy ways.

2:28 – The cultural influence of toxic positivity

7:40 – What your emotions are really drying you to do

9:25 – The tendency to not allow people, especially women, to feel their emotions

13:42 – How people generally tend to deal with their emotions

18:21 – The difference between living in your past emotions versus excavating the past

21:17 – Misconceptions people have about the goal of attaining happiness

24:50 – Tools that help Lisa process her emotions

Connect with Lisa at her website, on Instagram, and listen to her podcast.

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  • Angela

    Thank you for this wonderful conversation! 🙏
    Love you both! ♥️

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