What does it mean if you are always running project to project?

What does it mean if you are always running project to project?

Are you numbing yourself out with your business? Hi, this is Penny. Welcome back to Design Your Destiny. And this is something that I see as I stand back and I observe a lot of very successful people who are entrepreneurs and they race from one big launch, project, or business deal to the next. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand how business works. We can’t just take our foot off the gas and stop and just let everything go. Not when we’re talking very large businesses when we need to be evolving product lines, streamlining services, adapting to the market. I totally get all of that. But have you ever thought to yourself if I wasn’t spearheading a big project, if I wasn’t about to go into a launch. If I wasn’t creating a new product, I don’t know what I would do with myself. Like I really just don’t know what I would do with myself. All I know is throwing myself into my business. Then you are really treading into dangerous territory from a mental, emotional, and physical health standpoint. because when we stay in that state of always on, of always having to be on our toes, to go, to anticipate, to be vigilant, even hyper vigilant to things that could crop up and cause issues in our business, we’re staying in a constant state of stress activation.

[00:02:50] One of the newest fads going around is for people to reveal, you know now that you’ve left your past job or profession, what’s a big scam that no one knows about. And I’m going to tell you that disease is a scam. And here’s what I mean by that. Over 90% of all doctors’ visits are due to symptoms and conditions caused by stress. Everything from low back pain, to autoimmune disease, to high blood pressure, to heart disease, diabetes, asthma, the list goes on. These things are due to stress activation. And one thing that I know about most very high level entrepreneurs that I have connected with the one thing that they want is they want longevity. They want a happy life. You want longevity, you want a vibrant, vital life. And if you’re burning the candle at both ends, and you’re staying under this constant high pressure, it has probably crossed your mind that you know what, I’m probably not gonna live another 10 years. This is something that was just related to me recently. You know, I’m just going from one thing to the next. I probably won’t live another 10 years. And this person is younger than I am. So that’s a very stark realization as to what is going on in this process. A lot of people think of stress as having a lot of things happening in your life. That’s not the only place that stress comes from.

[00:04:42] Stress comes from mental pressure. It comes from emotional pressure. It comes from pressure in the past. So imagine. If you’re going into this big launch and things are going really well, however, in the past you had one launch that really if you could just take that section of your life and you had a big, giant eraser, and you could just wipe it the fuck outta your mind, you would all of the emotion, the interpretations, the meaning and the beliefs that were created around that, they’re going to be in your subconscious underneath the surface. Your mind is going to be constantly searching and comparing. Now that’s not the same as learning. We can learn from an experience and not have any emotional issue with it, if we learn that lesson and we accepted it and we let it go. But if we’re in a state of comparison or like, oh, we can’t let this happen again, rather than starting fresh and starting anew, that is running underneath the surface. And your mind is looking for ways to avoid the pain that you experienced before. So there can be a lot of stress coming in, and that could be one of the reasons you find yourself running from one project to the next.

[00:06:02] Is there a part of you that has to prove to yourself that you can repeat your success? Because maybe a part of you thinks you just happen to be in the right place at the right time before, or maybe you just got lucky. So that’s one of the things that keep us from running one project to the next we have to prove to ourselves. We can also have these hidden stories. Believe it or not. We have uncovered these stories with people who make a ton of money. You would think someone would not have these stories, but this person’s family actually was very comfortable. There was no poverty involved or anything like that. They were very comfortable. However, the father and the mother came from very little means, and they had built up a very comfortable lifestyle, but the mother and the father operated from the fear of, “we have to make sure we have money. We can’t spend all the money. We have to be frugal with the money. We have to save for a rainy day”. And this stuff was trickling over into someone’s business. Who’s making eight figures. It was trickling in like there was this hesitation, there was this mental hand break about investing to go to a next level. And out of the blue, we reveal this thing that like, you have to work hard for your money, right. So this person was unable to pause because it was instilled in them from their parents, that they worked hard to be comfortable. So you have to work hard to be comfortable. That’s what it takes to be comfortable. That’s what it takes to have more than enough money is to work hard. So this person doesn’t know how to take a break. They work themselves into the ground and actually was recently hospitalized from working themselves into the ground; from creating that stress, there was so much stress their body wasn’t able to fight infection and it took them down, took ’em out.

[00:08:15] The other thing that can happen is we lose sight of what it is that we want. We lose sight of our vision. In the early days of building a business, we’re so committed. We’re so disciplined. We’re so all freaking in on what’s happening, that we lose sight of what we really wanted. And we get caught up in needing to build this success and then build the next success. We forget to celebrate what we’ve achieved because God forbid, this is in some circles, God forbid you’re successful, and you actually appreciate the fact that you’re successful because that means you must not care about people who you passed on the way up. Which is totally not true. You can be compassionate and kind and charitable through giving and elevating humanity. Money allows us to do that. Money allows us to grow that. But we can lose sight of what it was we really wanted when we were younger. And we get caught on this hamster wheel and now we don’t know how to get off. Well, I know how to get off. And the first step is to like pause. You have to really pause and do the inner work and dig in and see what’s important to you. Allow yourself to reconnect with who you really are, to reconnect with that happiness, because sometimes when we get into this place of running from project to project, launch to launch, business to business, what we’re doing is, we are numbing ourselves from the fact that something is not aligned with us. We’re unhappy. we’re dissatisfied with life, but if we stop for 10 minutes and we have to sit with what’s between our ears and we have to think about it, then we realize that we have built this big thing. We have all this wealth and we’re miserable.

[00:10:22] Me personally, I never want to be in that place. And fortunately, I’ve learned about these patterns as I’m growing my business so I can do checks and balances on myself to make sure my decisions are taking me in a direction that maintains that connection with myself that maintains that happiness. But for some people work is their drug. Work is the drug of choice. Work is what numbs you from being dissatisfied with what you’ve created, or having to sit with your thoughts around what you believe about yourself. This is a very complex topic. It’s something that I could spend hours on and really dive in. Each and every person is different, that’s why I’ve given so many different scenarios. There is no one size fits all. That’s why my work is not one size fits all. Everything is highly individualized and custom tailored to my clients. Because a one size fits all approach is not going to fit. It might make you feel better for a little while, but if you wanna solve the problem. and get out of this rut, then it’s gonna take commitment to yourself. It is going to take diving into what’s going on in your life, and it takes attention to detail of your life, of what’s happening for you, what’s going on for you personally. So if you’re ever interested in diving into this, knowing what it is to get connected inward, to remember what happiness is, to remember what brings you joy, I am more than happy to connect with you on that. Just go to the website, pennychiasson.com, and apply for a call with me. Apply for a call and you and I can get together and chat about what vision it is you have. And if you have no idea what that vision is, if that seems so foreign to you, let’s connect anyway, because I can get you moving in the right direction, just on that call.

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What do you do when you are committed to something and don’t follow through?

What do you do when you are committed to something and don’t follow through?

Welcome back to Design Your Destiny, everyone. Today, I’m gonna be talking about something that is common, and that is: what do you do when you commit to something, but you don’t follow through. Like, what do you do? I think it’s a challenge that many people fall into. And oftentimes my clients have faced this challenge. To be committed to something means that you have decided to do something. There are many factors that can come into play in our commitment to do something. One of those things is how committed are we to the thing that we are pursuing– whether it’s a business venture, a partnership, deciding to relaunch the podcast as I am here, changing directions, deciding to build out your business in a new and different way. How committed are you to that?

Probably one of the most common mainstream, if you will, ways of looking at commitment is people who decide to go into fitness, or to weight loss, healthier eating those types of things. And people often associate their success, or lack of it, with their willpower.

The first myth that I want to debunk is that willpower works. Willpower does not work. Willpower is a function of the conscious analytical mind. Our conscious analytical mind, even though we believe it runs the show, it does not run the show. So as you go through your day, say you’re someone who has, committed and I’m gonna use health as an analogy, but you can apply this to anything in your business. You can apply it to anything in your life, say that you were committed to your health, and you decided that you’re going to stop drinking caffeinated beverages, and you’re going to drink warm water. That’s a big thing right now, “the warm water challenge”.

Say you’re gonna commit to that each and every time that you go to drink water, you are making a choice each and every time you think, oh, you know what? I would really like a cup of coffee, or I would love a soda or an energy drink. You are making a decision when you’re using willpower. You were relying solely on individual decisions to get you where you want to go.

[00:03:59] So what does that mean? If you’re relying on individual decisions to get you where you want to go, when you end up with a lot on your plate, whether it’s a lot of deadlines coming due, something unexpected happens in the business or with the client or a project, or even in your personal life, your relationships, especially if you have kids, life can be really unpredictable when these unpredictable things come up. If you’re relying solely on your decision making and you get into a space where your stress response is activated, you have a lot of things going on in your conscious mind that you are sorting out, you’re going to possibly, most likely, revert to your old habit. It’s easier. It’s easier than having to make the conscious choice. Now water versus energy, drinks and caffeine. That’s kind of easy because you can set your day up by making sure that all you have available is water, but if you’re stressed out and you’re worn down and you’re going to the kitchen and you have all kinds of options, your mind’s just not even gonna think about it. Your subconscious goes, oh, well, we always go to the caffeine, let’s go to the cafe. Your willpower is like a battery on your cell phone. The more tired we become, the more that we have on our mind, the more things that we are processing, the weaker that willpower becomes.

[00:05:33] If you’re committing to something new, the biggest, most important thing you can do is just decide, and in the words of one of my mentors, declare it, make a declaration. Actually, a couple of my mentors, when it comes to bringing something new into your life, you define it, you decide it, and you declare it. And that really just sets it in your mind as an unbreakable standard, which goes to identity. If you’ve listened to episodes 86 and 87, GREAT, if you have not, I want you to go back and listen to episodes 86 and 87. I talk about identity because this is another piece of commitment. When you are committing to something, your identity should be an identity that supports the actions that you are taking. Your identity should support the actions that you’re taking from how you identify yourself, the beliefs that you have within that identity. How someone with that identity, like what actions they take. What do they delegate? What are their capabilities? If there’s something that you don’t have that you need, then you’re gonna be the person who’s going to go out and learn that you’re going to acquire that skill, that knowledge, that reference point, if you will, so that you can deliver what it is that you want. And when those things fall into place, then your outcome will come about. But if you’re committed to an outcome and you have no idea what the identity is that’s going to get you there. You know I want to start this company. I want to hit a hundred million dollars. I’m at 40 million. I want to hit a hundred million. I don’t know. Let’s say in 18 months, what is the identity? That’s gonna get you there because what got you to 40 million is not going to get you to a hundred million. So just being committed and knowing you want to get there is not. Who do you need to be?

[00:07:42] Another piece of this is when you find yourself not following through on commitment, what are the things that you are doing? And there’s a very key question that you can ask yourself. And that question is, what am I committed to? Because we are always committed to something, even if we’re committed to staying the same. Sometimes we can be in a situation in our life where we’re doing what we’re doing, because it’s what we’ve always done. It doesn’t necessarily align with what we want, but we don’t know what we would do with our. If we weren’t doing it because we’ve just always been moving to the next thing and moving to the next thing, and I’m gonna do a whole podcast episode on what all of that means. But if you’re wanting to shift, and the shift is not happening, then you’re committed to something else more than what you’re committed to, what it is that you want.

And so where is the alignment? Where is the alignment in that? Are you aligned with the thing you’re committed to, that maybe you don’t know that you’re committed to? Sometimes we’re committed to avoidance. Sometimes we are committed to our suffering. Sometimes we are committed to an identity that has us believing that we can’t be more that Our whole lives. We get filled with other people’s perceptions of us. We get filled with our own faults, perceptions about ourself and our abilities, usually to the negative. Right. Are you committed to holding onto that identity, which is going to limit your commitment to the thing that you want? Just a deep question for you there.

[00:09:39] One of the things that I have come to realize over the last year that I’m blessed with. I, for a while, just assumed that everybody processed information this way, but one of the things I’ve really come to own is my ability to see people’s patterns. In their thoughts and in their behaviors, the way that it’s showing up in their life. And when that pattern is identified, we can basically take the legs off the table and collapse that, which is not serving you so that we can build back something that is stronger. Something that supports your identity, something that supports what you are committed to and when your identity and your values support what you’re committed to, and you’ve eliminated the bullshit beliefs that are supporting this identity over here that’s not serving you anymore, that’s when the world really opens up to you. That’s when possibility opens up to you,.

[00:10:50] It doesn’t matter where you are in life. If you were someone who has built your businesses from the ground up, think back to when you first started, as you shifted, and as you grew your identity, your characteristics, your traits, your values adapted and adjusted and moved with you. The same is true now. And I think that sometimes we get so immersed in what it is that we’re doing, that we can lose sight of the big leaps that we made early in our career. And this ability to see these patterns is something that I have a lot of gratitude for, because I had made the faulty assumption that all people in business have this ability. All people who are expert hypnotists, all people who are coaches, all people who do transformational work, that they have this ability. And it’s simply not the case. So what is it that you have that’s unique to you? How does commitment and where you’re wanting to go, how does all of that align? What does it look like for you? And I know I took you in a little bit of a circle here at the end, and we made some twists and some curves, but I did that intentionally because the answer is inside of you and through pondering and processing, you might be surprised to find that you tap into something you didn’t know was there before. So until next time, please subscribe, leave a review. And I do look forward to catching you on the next episode of design your destiny.

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