5 Ways I Bring More Joy Into My Life

We always talk about awareness, our thoughts, and how our subconscious can sometimes run us. Previously, I mentioned the laws of polarity and how we really don’t want our moods to swing greatly in any direction. Any time we swing to the extreme in one emotion, we’re gonna snap back in the other direction. When we want to stay in a place of peace, joy, and happiness, it doesn’t mean we have to be there all the time, but it is a nice place to stay. In that place, we’re open to possibility, things flow, we feel good about receiving, and life just moves at a different pace. So in this, I want to talk to you about the five things I do to have more joy.

3:34 – My first go-to in shifting my state to happiness or joy

5:46 – Putting on and enjoying a great song

7:15 – A good activity for shaking off unwanted feelings

10:11 – Practicing a very specific process of simple self-hypnosis

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