BONUS Episode: Part 2 Supporting Children And Adolescents as They Adjust to The ‘New Normal’

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So many families in the U.S. are blended families these days. I fit into that group as does my guest today, Sara. Sara is a stepparent, school psychologist, and coach for blended families. She works with families and stepchildren to help them decrease their anxiety and learn to more effectively communicate their needs. In part two of this two-part episode series, she offers her insight into how you can help your young teenager emotionally cope with the instability of the last 18 months.

3:24 – What resources are available for parents of teenagers

7:19 – Subtle signs of a young teen facing challenges and how to approach them without making them feel targeted

11:04 – Strategies for encouraging and preparing your adolescent to return to school post-pandemic

13:26 – When to know it’s time for you to reach out to a professional

20:56 – How to check-in with your kids to ensure they have the most stable environment possible

24:45 – Final words of advice from Sara to wrap up the show

Connect with Sara


Strong Kids & Teens Book series on Amazon

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens by Lisa M. Schab


The Secret Language of Feelings: A Rational Approach to Emotional Mastery by Calvin Banyan

Teachers Pay Teachers: Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans

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