BONUS Episode Part 1: Supporting Children and Adolescents as They Adjust To the ‘New Normal’

I know from my nursing background that a predictable, stable environment is paramount to a child’s sense of safety and security. But everything since the beginning of the pandemic has been a challenge. Even with things opening back up, it’s created this perfect storm of desperation that has kids and adolescents in greater danger of suffering a mental health crisis.

In recent weeks, I’ve received several questions about how to help children adjust to current life. Since I don’t work with kids in teams, I’m doing a two-part series and bringing on some special guests to offer their guidance and perspective. In this episode, I speak with certified life coach Ben Pugh who specializes in helping parents build meaningful relationships with their teenagers, without changing them.

4:29 – How to get creative with the old adage of “be the change you want to see”

7:57 – Why parents think that giving teenagers two acceptable choices doesn’t work

11:12 – How to emotionally support a teen who’s taking on some unhealthy behaviors

15:42 – The only thing you can control as a parent

20:05 – Effective, supportive actions you can take that your teen will likely accept

24:31 – How my husband and I let go of control of our eldest teenager and the lesson learned

26:51 – What so many parents are choosing to do right now (and what you should do instead)

29:20 – Highlighting the theme that’s been running throughout this entire episode

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