How To Ask For Help With A Positive Attitude When You Are Frustrated And Doing It All

We in the self-development space know how important it is to have a positive attitude and mindset. We’re always hearing how “we gotta high vibe.” But life is reality, and we’re not robots who can shut off our emotions. I know a lot of people who, thanks to everything that’s happened in the past year, have been getting fatigued.

The basis for today’s topic comes from a question someone asked me in my private Facebook group: How do I have a positive attitude when I already feel frustrated that I’m doing everything myself, despite asking for help that the pandemic has made difficult to receive? 

2:47 – Addressing the issue of frustration as a secondary emotion

5:11 – Positive attitude as a choice and reframing the situation

8:01 – Simplifying and streamlining to make things easier in the meantime

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