Authentic Branding for Growth: An Exclusive Interview with Positioning Expert Patty Dominguez

In this inspiring episode, Penny sits down with Patty Dominguez, a renowned positioning expert, to explore the critical importance of authenticity and consistency in building a brand. Patty shares her wisdom on how to find one’s unique voice in a crowded marketplace and the secret to making a real impact on social media. Together, we delve into:


  • Understanding Your Audience: Why offering the right message matters, and how to align it with real problems that need solving.
  • The Power of Authenticity: Patty’s highlights the role of authenticity in some of the fastest growing online brands. 
  • Consistency Wins:  Lessons from Patty’s mentors on being 100% consistent, and how this led to explosive growth for a particular client.
  • Family and Business:  The joy of involving family in entrepreneurship, Patty’s exciting plans with her sons, and promoting the entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Your Message Matters:  A deep look at Patty’s passion for copywriting and her new offer coming in the fall, all centered around the belief that your message matters.


Join us for this eye-opening conversation with Patty Dominguez and learn how you too can humanize your business experience, stand in your belief, and connect authentically with your audience. Check the description for links to connect with Patty and find out more about her transformative work!


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