The Balance Between Reciprocity and Setting Boundaries In Your Relationships

How do you show up fully in a relationship for the other person without getting out of integrity with yourself? At the end of the previous episode, I left you with a final thought about reciprocity being about showing up 100% in your relationship. In this episode, I continue diving into this topic, as well as discussing setting boundaries in your relationships and how they’re really meant to help you form and maintain healthy relationships.

0:58 – How my husband and I were reciprocal in showing up regarding our kids

2:28 – How to handle it when you and your partner struggle or are at an impasse

4:39 – The benefit of consistent reciprocity and what you can do if nothing changes

6:21 – What setting boundaries in your relationships is really about

9:31 – Is there room for you to show up differently in your relationships?

After you listen to The Balance Between Reciprocity and Setting Boundaries In Your Relationships…

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