The Benefits of Combining Coaching with Hypnosis

When you listen to those who light you up, they can teach you things. You learn how to do things better, more efficiently, and more thoroughly. But you also bring in past experiences to the table that reinforce beliefs preventing you from becoming who you desire. So I want to delve into this a little today and demonstrate why it’s difficult to change into who you want to be when you’re trying to do so from a space of being who you are right now.

1:29 – The game-changing evolution of my business (and clientele) over the years

6:06 – The baggage a lot of people bring when they want to be a new person

8:54 – What I discovered when I surveyed my clients about their life experiences

10:42 – Types of erroneous beliefs and reinforcing events that many need to release

12:07 – Reframing emotions and what happens when you bypass valid feelings

14:24 – The focus of my coaching sessions and why people come to work with me

16:38 – A challenge to you

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