Benefits of Hypnosis for You, Your Business, and Beyond with Marisa Heying

I just love hearing about people designing their destiny! I know–that’s no big surprise, given the name of my podcast. Today, I’ve brought on a special guest Marisa Heying who embodies what my show is all about by making brave, bold moves and doing the mindset work necessary. She and I actually have a lot in common, and she has a great story and perspective that I want you to hear with your own ears so I won’t spoil it for you. Listen as she describes how self-hypnosis and becoming a certified hypnotist has changed her life and her business.

1:44 – Marisa reveals a background with some familiar beats from my own

9:47 – The startling realization Marisa had soon after she started exploring hypnosis for use in her business

11:57 – The biggest struggle Marisa faced when she started working on herself through hypnosis

16:54 – How self-hypnosis and becoming a certified hypnotist has impacted Marisa’s life and changed how she help others

20:59 – The biggest and most surprising shift I’ve seen in my clients this year

22:39 – A story that demonstrates how feelings can pass down through generations

28:46 – Why Marisa chose to train with me and what the virtual training process was like for her

36:28 – What Marisa recommends if you have doubts about self-investing into this type of training

Connect with Marisa at her website.

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