How to Choose the Best Hypnosis Technique for You

One of the most common questions I get is, “What’s the difference between working one-on-one with you and doing group hypnosis or one-on-one with someone else?” Essentially, “what is the best hypnosis technique”? It’s a big question that needs some breaking down to keep my response short and digestible. So in this episode, I cover the benefits and limitations of each hypnosis technique and what you should look for to get most out of your subconscious reprogramming.

1:19 – Benefits and downsides to the most easily accessible option you can choose

4:28 – The biggest mistake I see people make with this hypnosis technique

5:18 – Benefits and drawbacks as a participant in group hypnosis sessions

8:20 – Specific areas where the different styles of one-on-one hypnosis can help you

11:46 – My hypnosis training and what to look for when choosing a hypnotist

13:13 – Recommended technique for incorporating or eliminating habits without an emotional trigger

13:51 – Recommended technique for dealing with something emotionally driven

16:04 – Where to start if you’ve never experienced hypnosis

You were born with all the talent, intellect, and strength you need. You just need to realize that on the subconscious level. Connect and uncover your subconscious blueprint by booking your call here.

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  • nancy dimauro

    This was a very informative podcast. Having worked 1:1 with you was my very first attempt to release past emotional memories. This required me to share the specific backstory. Using audios now for general issues. I agree with the reasoning as to how to choose the right sessions depending on what one needs to have released. Educating oneself is valuable in making a decision! Great subject. Thank you

    • Penny

      You are welcome! I love helping people do the heavy lifting so they can finally be FREE.

  • Candy Clifton

    As always, this was excellent!
    BTW, when I listen to your intro…”you have come to the place…” I immediately relax with, a sigh ( best description I can think of).

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