Closing the loop on anger

Today I’m talking about one of my top five passionate topics.  This is something that impacts each and every one of us at some point.  And that is anger. Anger is something that can sit under the surface for years or decades without being addressed.  It is a very important emotion and it is a good emotion when it’s based in reality.  But we have to process it and close the loop on anger. Let’s dig in.

2:28 – How anger presents itself as unfair

3:14 – What happens when we don’t close the loop on anger 

6:03 – How to close the loop on anger when we feel something is unfair

17:56 – Why it’s important to forgive for yourself and not for the person you are forgiving

18:40 – What to do if you find yourself being easily triggered

21:03 – How bottled up anger can impact our body physically

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