Confidence and Visibility with Lisa Marie Pepe


This is another spotlight from the podcast and celebration party., I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Lisa Marie Pepe, a dear friend and colleague of nearly a decade. We reminisced about our first encounter, when she reached out seeking guidance for her chronic pain. Lisa, a confidence coach and multi-published author, is been a beacon of positivity and empowerment. She passionately shared her mission to help entrepreneurs not only succeed in business but to also find deep self-awareness and self-love. Lisa’s unique approach to coaching emphasizes the importance of inner work, forgiveness, and self-acceptance as foundational steps before diving into business strategies.


Lisa’s journey, is truly inspiring. She believes that true success and transformation come from a place of self-love and confidence. Lisa’s dedication to helping her clients dig deep, confront their inner challenges, and emerge stronger is evident throughout our conversation. You can find Lisa on all of the major social media channels. 


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