If you don’t know me, I’m Penny. I’m a board-certified hypnotist and the CEO of a very successful international hypnosis practice. This didn’t happen overnight, it took some work on my part. Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned, and what I’ve put into practice so I was able to walk away from a six-figure anesthesia job and walk into a multi six-figure hypnosis practice. How holding my vision allowed me to create success by working backward.

1:50 – Let’s start by thinking about your dreams

4:30 – The first step in designing your destiny, working backward

7:45 – Once you have your vision, look at your own talents and what brings you joy

9:00 – Create your success by working backward from that vision

12:00 – Who do I have to be?

15:00 – Getting clear on your vision is how you decide your destiny

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