Creating your personal sanctuary with Annie Redbird

I have a conversation with Annie Redbird, a sanctuary space designer.

  • 1:00 Penny and Annie talk about their work together.
  • 7:40 Annie introduces herself.
  • 11:21 we talk about getting out of domesticated habits.
  • 17:38 we get into our pillars. Pillars of awareness and identifying gaps.
  • 19:20 routine and structure. Most potent times of the day. We talk schedules, time, and seasonal changes.
  • 27:10 Intuition talk.
  • 30:10 I ask Annie to tell me about her process for creating sanctuaries.
  • 37:00 when we get into finding dharma.
  • 39:00 Annie’s most moving sanctuaries.
  • 45:30 Pivotal points for clients. A successful designer is an open conduit.
  • 49:00 The challenges of speaking about results. Affirming revelations.
  • 54:54 The Ripple Effect. Annie’s Continuum of Sanctuary.
  • 59:45 We say our goodbyes!
Instagram: @annieredbird and @redbirdrestorativegardens
A curated library of 60 second serenity breaks (mini meditations) steeped in nature’s healing messages. These mini-meditations allow you the sacred space to recenter and restore the sanctuary within.   :
If you want to work with me, Penny, set up a time for a 1:1 conversation here.

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