Why Committing to Deep Work Is Sometimes Messy

Many people think of hypnosis as a magical wand or light switch that makes everything work out immediately. But the speed of your results depends on what you want to achieve and what lies underneath the beliefs, habits, and behaviors preventing you from getting what you want. So today, I share the reasons why committing to the deep work can sometimes be a messy experience that takes longer than you’d like.

1:35 – What you uncover beneath the surface during transformational work

2:30 – Why this process can be messy sometimes

4:41 – Why I no longer offer session packages and how I now work with clients instead

5:46 – A speed bump some people can run into while doing transformational work

7:40 – One benefit of going through subconscious transformation

8:52 – What you need to do after you’ve peeled away your roadblocks

You were born with all the talent, intellect, and strength you need. You just need to realize that on the subconscious level. Connect and uncover your subconscious blueprint by booking your call here.

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