Disintegration Anxiety: What It Is And Why It Is No Big Deal

What the heck is disintegration anxiety? It’s a beautiful way to describe a situation that exists when you simply need to push your boundaries. If you want to know more about it and discover whether or not you’ve had your own experience with it, I tell you all about it in today’s episode.

4:25 – Knowing when you have disintegration anxiety vs. fears from the past

9:18 – The bottom line of when you’ll experience disintegration anxiety

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  • Marisa Heying

    This Podcast on disintegration anxiety was exactly what I needed to hear today Penny.
    I reached out to a marketing and branding company yesterday to discuss my business and how I wanted to have better alignment with my added credentials of becoming CH.

    Oh my…after 2 hour mtg. He said the following…
    I am trying to juggle 2 full-time jobs.

    He sees my passion for hypnosis and suggested me to sell or dissolve my fitness aspect of my business and do what I am passionate about which is hypnosis. He asked what it would look like it I jumped head first and all in just with hypnosis!!
    He said he can market the hell out of me but I have to have the ability to take on clients which I can’t do working full time outside the home.

    I got so fucking excited and was like… I need Penny lol as I know you have been in my shoes!
    I love the idea of this….disintegration. anxiety kicked in big time and b4 your podcast.. I had no freaking clue what that was. You nailed it!

    I’m not good enough yet,imposter syndrome, am I going to make enough, Will my husband think I have lost it, giving up steady income crisis….on and on
    How did you get through this? Well I guess I need some work! Lol

    • Penny

      Push that comfort zone. Recognize your small wins. REMEMBER why you are doing this. When the reason is greater than you and it’s a part of your dharma, it’s much easier.

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