Eliminating mental blocks to triple her revenue with Mary Therese

In this inspiring episode of Design Your Destiny as I dive deep into the transformative journey of Mary Therese, a highly niched bookkeeper and CBD brand owner. In our conversation, we explore the power of subconscious beliefs and the incredible shifts that can occur when we let go of limitations and embrace our true potential.

Mary Therese shares her personal experiences of breaking free from self-imposed barriers and the incredible results she has achieved in her business and personal life. We discuss the impact of stress on our overall well-being and how it can hinder our progress. Discover how addressing underlying beliefs and embracing self-love and self-confidence can pave the way for profound transformations.

Together, we explore the role of coaching and conversational hypnosis in facilitating inner growth and overcoming limiting beliefs. Mary Therese opens up about her journey from being the “fixer” to a more empowered and balanced version of herself. She reflects on the value of time and the importance of unraveling beliefs that no longer serve us.

If you’re someone who is yearning for more in life, even without a crisis at hand, this episode is for you. Mary Therese’ story is a testament to the incredible shifts that can occur when we open our eyes to new possibilities and put in the work to create the life we desire.

Whether you’re an interior designer seeking guidance on bookkeeping or interested in exploring the world of CBD for health and wellness you can find Mary Therese on Instagram and Facebook. 

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