ENCORE One of my favorite ways to task my subconscious mind for success!

Are you optimizing all of the resources that are available to you to move through an issue? There are some surprising ways that we can get answers to our questions, that we can release things that will allow us to move forward in our life. This one may seem odd to some of you, but I know to a lot of my audience they’re gonna go, oh yeah, absolutely. I do this. Your mind when you are asleep, your conscious mind is offline, your body is resting, but your subconscious mind and your unconscious mind is still at work.

[00:02:53] When we’re sleeping, this is when short term memory can get converted to long term memory. It’s when our body, through neurophysiological responses, can set in motion healing.

[00:04:03] When we do things like shift beliefs, and we literally knock out the structure of the old belief. then the subconscious mind is going to process that it’s one of the things that forces our brain into a state of reorganization when we do hypnosis work.

[00:05:39] What can you do to optimize sleep to get what you want?

[00:07:24] This is an absolute playground and that is dream time. Everyone dreams, they just may not remember it.

[00:08:55] How I used dreamtime to rewrite the entire introduction of my #1 International best selling book, Breaking the Fibro Code.

[00:11:47] How I track what happens in dreamtime.


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