How to Exist Outside the 4 Walls of Your J. O. B. with Dr. Tulay Massey

My special guest today, Dr. Tulay Massey, has had some huge changes in her life. Her story is similar to mine and I want her to share it with you, along with some of the challenges and thinking she’s had to overcome to get to where she is today. If you’re in a J.O.B. or had one previously and are thinking about starting a business or making some sort of massive change in your life, you’ll hear some pearls of wisdom in this episode that’ll really make a difference for you.

2:30 – When Dr. Massey first knew she had a knack for something new

7:01 – Initially choosing to stay in her job and what changed her mind

13:43 – How she practiced being the change she wanted to see in the world

15:54 – Moving from a corporate job into her own business

19:29 – How she developed the courage to leave the 4 walls of her J.O.B.

23:18 – The shift Dr. Massey underwent working 1-on-1 with me

27:40 – Taking the leap despite your uncertainty

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Find out more about her 8-week transformational coaching program Serenity Principles for Life.

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