Do you find yourself looking at really successful people and thinking to yourself that you’ve done all the of the mindset work, you follow the best coaches on their podcasts and on Instagram, and consume all of this information yet unlike these people who seem to have it so easy, and success comes so easily you’re still bumping your head against the wall? Then I want you to listen to today’s episode because I’m sharing the fastest way to shift your mindset so you can find results even faster.

1:30 – I’m ready to share the ability we all have that lights me up, hypnosis

3:00 – What happens when someone experiences hypnosis

5:00 – How you are already programming your day, and your identity

11:00 – Using this self-hypnosis positively, the fastest way to shift your mindset

14:20 – Key facts about self-hypnosis

17:00 – How to go into hypnosis

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