Awareness and Influence of Feminine Energies and the Moon With Ichel Francis

I have a very special guest today. Ichel Francis is an intuitive life coach who guides women to regain their personal power. Awareness and insight are an essential part of getting what you want out of life. Sometimes that awareness comes from unique places.  Ichel talks with me today about finding a balance with our masculine and feminine energy and how the moon influences our energy.

3:27 – The importance of finding a balance between masculine and feminine energy
10:40 – How the moon influences our energy
19:29 – How allowing herself to connect with her feminine energy has impacted Ichel’s relationships and business
23:08 – How to have appreciation for that which gives you space and opportunity to do what you really want
33:57 – Tips to develop an awareness of how the moon impacts you Connect with Ichel at her website or on Instagram

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  • Candy Clifton

    Just. FREAKING AMAZING AND AWESOME❣️The two of you together are just magical 💞
    THANK you

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