Four Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Thinking Patterns

Are your repeated thoughts getting in the way of what you want out of your life? I’ve talked before about how the way you think and show up is based on your beliefs formed from the thinking patterns in your subconscious mind. In this rapid-fire episode, I walk you through a list of different things you can do to reprogram your subconscious thinking patterns and beliefs, giving you the space to change unwanted habits.

1:38 – How to use affirmations to begin to reprogram your thinking

3:55 – What gives your affirmations a really profound effect

4:39 – How to use scripting for reprogramming your thinking

5:48 – Watching these can help you reprogram too

7:00 – How self-hypnosis can help you reprogram (without the deep trance)

You were born with all the talent, intellect, and strength you need. You just need to realize that on the subconscious level. Connect and uncover your Subconscious Blueprint by booking your call here.

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