Freedom & Wealth: Unleashing the True Power of Your Values

In this special edition of “Design Your Destiny,” we delve into the topic of values and how they influence our decisions.

Our top three to five values subconsciously drive our choices and actions.

Triggers and conflicts can arise when we assign meanings and stories to our values or when they clash with external expectations.

It’s essential to differentiate between values that truly resonate with us and those imposed by others.

Freedom and wealth are two values that often carry different meanings for different individuals.

Defining what freedom means to us personally and understanding the stories and experiences attached to wealth can help overcome triggers and resistance.

Procrastination may not always stem from fear but can be linked to conflicting values.

Exploring and redefining our values from a conscious and subconscious perspective is crucial for creating a fulfilling life aligned with our true desires.

Silence and introspection can help us connect with our soul’s purpose and understand the role our values play in achieving our goals.

Balancing ego-driven desires with soul-aligned goals leads to greater ease and fulfillment in our journey.

The importance of doing internal work to discover our why and ensure our actions align with our values and purpose.

Remember to tune in to the full episode to gain deeper insights into living a life guided by your values and embracing your true desires. 

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