Why Your Future Vision and Values Are Important in Your Subconscious Transformation

I’ve noticed a pattern with some of my clients. They come to me in their mid 50s to early 60s with a specific goal around their career or business and just feel a lot of resistance to getting things done. Then in the process of working together, they end up changing their minds about what they really want. An exercise I did in a group coaching program provided me with some insight as to why this happens. In this episode, I share those insights, which I also use in my own subconscious work with clients as we explore why your future vision and values are important.

1:22 – Why some of my clients change their mind about what they really want

2:32 – The question I always ask clients who are having difficulty gaining clarity

3:16 – What I discovered in the unusual vision casting exercise that sparked this topic

7:50 – An example of an extreme case of vision casting that has happened

9:13 – What it all comes down to when you shed old beliefs

Joe DeMaria’s Teach to Scale

Design Your Destiny Episode 1

You were born with all the talent, intellect, and strength you need. You just need to realize that on the subconscious level. Connect and uncover your subconscious blueprint by booking your call here.

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