The glass ceiling of overachieving and perfectionism

Are you extremely successful in business but finding yourself hitting the glass ceiling of overachieving and perfectionism even though you know you shouldn’t be? I want to give you a fresh perspective.  Because this overachieving and perfectionism could actually be a glass ceiling to your increased success in business. Let’s talk about what may be going on underneath the surface when you find yourself stuck in a cycle of overachieving and perfectionism.  It shows up in different ways in our business.

1:25 – How starting a business conditions us to overachieve

2:35 – How we internalize how others react, respond, and criticize our efforts in our business

6:51 – How I could have fallen victim to perfectionism but did not

11:08 – How perfectionism can translate as a business grows

16:58 – Why there is no such thing as imposter syndrome

17:48 – How to break through that glass ceiling

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