How to Know If You’re a Good Fit For Transformative Work With Us

My business is growing in a good way, and a lot of that is thanks to you for your trust in me. You’ve trusted me with your transformations and have been generous enough to share testimonials of our work together so others can see what’s possible for them. Therefore, in this episode, I want to express my thanks to you and tell you how to figure out a way you can best work with me and my team.

2:54 – The real question to ask if you’re interested in working with me

7:55 – Why I don’t actively persuade you to book sessions

11:27 – The trap potential clients fall into that causes me to turn them down

Past Episode Mentioned: Episode 32: “Why I Don’t Hard Sell My Clients”

Have you spent thousands of dollars and hours working with coaches, doing the mindset work, and getting your hands on everything you can to lead your most joyful and fulfilling life? And despite it all, do you still find yourself hesitating or holding back? Let’s have a chat to see if I can help you get these blocks out of your way so you can move forward. Go to

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