Help Your Teen Reduce Stress Through the Tool of Tapping with Marie Cancellieri

I’m back with another special guest to help your kids cope with the stress of school and COVID. Marie Cancellieri is a personal transformation coach and master tapping practitioner with 20 years of educator experience. She loves serving parents, teens, and pre-teens, and her mission involves giving overwhelmed and stressed families the tools to address their emotional well-being. In this episode, she talks about using her #1 stress reduction tool to help you get out of whatever’s holding you back or keeping you stuck.

2:25 – Why tapping was the missing piece Marie needed for her business and classroom

5:31 – What you’ll learn very quickly as a teacher if you don’t validate your students’ feelings

9:54 – How Marie empowers parents to speak to their teen or tween about boundaries

14:40 – Marie reveals the principle behind tapping

16:14 – Walkthrough of a tapping strategy you can use to help empower your child

21:13 – Marie offers her biggest takeaway for parents

Connect with Marie at her website or on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

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