How do you know if you are ready to do the subconscious work


People often ask me how to know if they’re a right fit to work with me.

And the answer is it depends. There are a lot of things that go into my personal client selection process. And that’s because I want to know I can get the person, the result that they’ve asked for. Now you and I both know that there are no guarantees in life, however, when we are smart about our choices, we exponentially increase the likelihood of that outcome. Someone recently asked me, you know, penny, what is your success rate? And I’m like, 90 or 95% closer to 95 than it is to 90. And they’re like, really? And I said, well, yeah, that’s because I’m very selective in my client process.

Now, a lot of times people might not think they’re ready when they really are.

And that is because we have bias towards ourselves. We have self judgment. We see ourselves through a different lens than someone who is objective about our problem. When someone shows up and they want to connect with me, to work one on one, the number one key component to maximizing the likelihood that you’re going to get the outcome that you desire is complete honesty. I do not reveal what takes place on my interview calls. It’s a sales call, but it’s more of an interview because I’m not going to sell anything. I’m not going to propose that we work together unless we are a fit. And the most important aspect of this is honesty. I ask a lot of questions. Some of them are deeply personal because they allow me to assess one: The readiness to do the work. But two: What are the things that you have never considered that are contributing to your problem that might be contributing to your problem?

I am able to see patterns that many do not

[00:05:26] The reason I dop not work with binge eating disorders.

[00:06:40] Honesty is key, especially when deciding how to approach the solution.

[00:08:20] The reason the inner work you have done before is key.

[00:10:35] Why I have clients fill out an application, even though many people say they really see that as a ‘barrier’ to easy access. 

[00:11:32] The absolutes that I do not work with.

[00:12:48] Are you ready for that next step?

[00:14:00] Being a willing participant is the key to your results.


And that’s what I’m about. So click the link in the show. Fill out an application. Let’s see if we’re a fit to work together because you know what, nothing lights me on fire better than seeing the people I work with, get what they want and you deserve it. So go click that link, fill out that application, get on my calendar,rest assured if there are any red flags on the application, I will reach out to you because I know your time is valuable. 

Until next week.

Find the application here


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