How Persistence with People Pleasing and Perfectionism Causes Frustration

What happened at the Oscars between Chris Rock and Will Smith has had a lot of people talking about trauma response lately and how it can present itself. People pleasing and perfectionism can sometimes (but not always) be trauma responses, or they can be learned behaviors with an extremely frustrating effect on people’s lives.

In this episode, I want to talk about these two behaviors/responses and the variety of ways in which they impact people.

2:01 – An example of where people-pleasing tendencies can come from

7:22 – The first thing you’ve got to recognize regarding people-pleasing behavior

8:00 – Examples of where perfectionism can come from

10:02 – The effects of perfectionism I saw on others while living in New England

14:02 – The question to ask yourself if you’re dealing with perfectionism

After you listen to How Persistence with People-Pleasing and Perfectionism Causes Frustration…

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