How to break ADHD blocks in Entrepreneurship


During the podcast celebration party, I did a quick dive into a conversation with Tina Madsen, a distinguished ADHD coach and hypnotist. Tina opened up about her personal experiences, shedding light on how hypnosis played a pivotal role in her journey to overcome ADHD-related challenges, procrastination, and mindset blocks. She passionately discussed the need to reframe one’s understanding of discipline and touched upon the negative impact of societal narratives on those with ADHD. Throughout our chat, Tina and I underscored the importance of recognizing one’s individual needs and the dangers of blindly following external standards or systems.


Penny works with clients in private 1:1 settings, remotely on retainer or in group programs and workshops. Ready to meet clients where they are, she provides a judgment free space for the conscious leader to make room for their unlimited expansion. 



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