How to Bridge the Identity Gap, FAST

How to Bridge the Identity Gap, FAST

In today’s episode, we get into the intriguing concept of the ‘identity gap’, a term that refers to the distance between our current selves and the identity we aspire to achieve. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, or someone at a personal crossroads, this gap affects us all. The discussion navigates through the intricate paths of our habits, beliefs, and subconscious patterns, offering insights into how they shape our actions and perceptions. 

Understanding the Identity Gap: The identity gap is not just about our actions but deeply rooted in our neural pathways and habits. It’s the space between where we are and where we want to be, affecting various aspects of our lives. 

The Role of Subconscious Beliefs and Stories: Central to this chat is the impact of our subconscious mind. The host illustrates this with a poignant story of a client struggling with feelings of inadequacy stemming from a childhood incident. This narrative exemplifies how early experiences can seed long-lasting beliefs that shape our self-perception and actions. 

Avoiding Victim Mentality and Reframing Stories: Be mindful of recounting experiences, emphasizing that repeatedly framing stories from a victim’s perspective can unconsciously reinforce a sense of helplessness. The discussion pivots to the power of language and self-perception in shaping our reality and the importance of shifting from a victim mindset to a more empowered narrative.

Our identity rests in our subconscious mind. We truly create our reality. 

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