The Debilitating Power of Stress & How to Eliminate It

When you think of stress, do you typically think of work, money, or relationship problems? Most people do, but it goes deeper than that. With so much stress out there right now, both within ourselves and in the world, I want to take the time to talk about it. In this episode, I discuss how stress affects you physically, how you can eliminate it in your life, and why doing so is about more than just checking things off a list.

1:34 – What stress is, good vs. bad stress, and how it affects the body

4:47 – The biggest contributor to stress on the body you probably don’t know about

8:04 – Other environmental factors that contribute to stress

9:44 – The domino effect that can come when your stress response gets triggered

11:59 – A few ways to help eliminate stress in your life

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