How to stay out of your emotions and in your peace

In this bonus episode of Penny, On Your Thoughts, Penny reveals the changes that have been happening behind the scenes and how she has moved through these challenges using the tools she often shares. 

We can carry emotional events and trauma for years and sometimes becoming aware of layers to be peeled requires a trigger. She shares in detail the reason she doesn’t talk about being in her emotions and the higher responsibility that comes with developing your spiritual awareness and working with others. 

Penny touches on:

  • What shamanism is
  • Why the there is a great responsibility with evolving spiritually
  • The events that recently triggered old wounds
  • How she managed and moved through those emotions

Emotions are not bad or good. They are a part of being human. We signed up for this experience. How we navigate those emotions is what allows us to the opportunity to grow. 

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