How to Thrive as a Special Needs Parent

In today’s episode, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Sara Intonato about the rollercoaster journey of parenting kids with autism. Sara’s story is moving as she shares her own experience of finding and healing herself to advocate for her son Rocco and other special needs parents. Together, we talked about the power of focusing on what we CAN do. Sara shares how advocating for her son Rocco has changed many lives beyond their own, especially his ability to be in the water. Who knew surfing could be such a game-changer for kids like Rocco?


Be sure to check out Sara’s new book, “Emotional Healing for Parents of Children with Autism.”  It’s part memoir, part guide, and packed with tools to help parents find their own healing and empowerment. We wrapped up our chat discussing the importance of trusting our gut as parents and challenging the “norms” society throws at us. It’s all about supporting each other and recognizing the boundless potential in our kiddos.


Don’t forget to dive into Sarah’s podcast, “Full Potential Thriving with Neurodiversities.” It’s a must-listen! Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it. 


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