How Knowing My Human Design Validated What Feels Good In My Business with Andrea Niño de Guzmán

I’m celebrating my birthday with a special guest! Andrea Niño de Guzmán is a transformation catalyst who’s deeply studied everything about the Human Design System and the impact it can have on people’s lives. I recently booked a call with Andrea, and what she told me about my Human Design was clearer to me than all the Youtube videos I’ve watched to learn about the system.

In this episode, she discusses what Human Design is, reveals all five energy types, and talks about how the system encourages you to embrace the real you.

3:58 Overview of what Human Design is and its origins and purpose

8:07 – The five archetypes in the Human Design system

15:45 – How Human Design exposes the conflict with traditional business rules that don’t resonate

21:47 – How the definitions in the system serve as guiding mechanisms for how you relate to others

24:17 – How knowing your archetype can shed light on certain life situations and allows you to be yourself

30:52 – The two biggest takeaways from this conversation with Andrea

Connect with Andrea Niño de Guzmán at her website or on Instagram

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