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Become a

World Class Coach

Master SUBCONSCIOUS Coaching (a.k.a. Hypnosis),
the coach’s cure to ‘imposter syndrome.’

As a well-intentioned coach, no doubt you’ve experienced a moment when you’ve wondered if you were good enough and suffered from imposter syndrome.
You’ve probably trained in techniques like NLP or other coaching models, yet you still might doubt your abilities sometimes. 
As a coach, you have probably already had clients who get stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage.
You think you’ve made headway in your client’s mindset… 
… frustratingly, but they keep repeating the same old patterns.  
It’s not your fault your difficult clients don’t get results with your current coaching methods–it’s their beliefs…
…and the fact that conscious coaching can’t change these deeply held beliefs is a sign that your client’s beliefs are held subconsciously.

As a coach, you already KNOW your clients will get massive shifts when they break their subconscious beliefs. But another round of asking powerful questions won’t get them results.

It requires subconscious coaching, a.k.a. hypnosis to bust subconscious beliefs. 

Increase Motivation

Eliminate Procrastination

Remove fears

Create focus

Witness transformation

Don’t Refer Your “Stuck” Clients Out: You Can Help Them Yourself AFTER You Master Subconscious Coaching…

This course IS for hypnotists who

Desire to work with pain clients


Want to understand the ‘HOW AND WHY’ pain hypnosis

Are not afraid to address the tough issues


Want a step by step system for individual success


Understand that professional hypnosis requires development

This course is NOT for hypnotists who

Want a quick fix for pain


Want a one size fits all protocol


Are looking for a handful of scripts


Is not ready to take pain clients


Just looking for another certification to hang on your wall

What You Will Learn

Module 1:

  • Lesson 1: Basic Anatomy of Pain
  • Lesson 2: Role of the Brain in Pain
  • Lesson 3: Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Lesson 4: Behaviors and Attitudes in the Pain client

Module 2:

  • Lesson 1: Initial Client Contact: Booking the Session
  • Lesson 2: History of Pain (A breakdown of the pain assessment, pt 1)
  • Lesson 3: Quality, Characteristics and Beliefs (A breakdown of the pain assessment, pt 2)
  • Lesson 4: Pre-talk for the Pain Client (Setting the stage for success)

Module 3:

  • Lesson 1: Phase I: Direct Suggestion and Glove Analgesia
  • Lesson 2: Phase II: Addressing fears and erroneous beliefs
  • Lesson 3: Phase III & IV: Forgiveness
  • Lesson 4: Case Studies

Module 4:

  • Lesson 1: Who is your Ideal Pain Client?
  • Lesson 2: The Physician as an ICA

What Past Students Are Saying About the Course

I’ve seen 2 pain clients and didn’t have much success. One had blocks that I just couldn’t pinpoint and get past them. I have taken another course and found it very disjointed. I’ve also read 2 books on pain hypnosis. It all left me wanting to learn more. It is nice having the transcripts of the training available, they are extremely helpful. And, your bonus material is much easier to access and very relevant. I have a new pain client coming in 2 weeks and feel much more confident. Your intake form will be very helpful.

Cynthia C., CH

In the past I did not feel prepared to work with pain clients. I had taken other courses, but found the information was not organized and did not resonate with me. Also, I am not a medical person and do not understand medical terms, but in Penny’s course, the pieces are presented in a way that I can understand and be helpful to my clients. Each module built on the one before and was pertinent for understanding the pain process. The best part is that I can go back and watch the course as many times as I want and I have access to all of the updates when they come out.

Marcella, H, BCH

What this Course Will Provide You With:


  • Basics of pain transmission and the reflex response
  • Types of Pain (Yes, it does matter)
  • Attitudes and Behaviors in Pain
  • Role of the Mind in Pain (Putting it all together)


  • Developing an In Depth Client Assessment (learn know how to use it)
  • Establishing the Client’s (real) Goals
  • Pre-Talk for the Pain Client


  • Preparing your Client for Success
  • When and How to Use Techniques to Release Emotion
  • Client Role and Responsibility
  • A Full First Session Outline and Preparing for Future Sessions


  • Strategies for the Public
  • Strategies for Physicians


  • Links to free downloads
  • Must read books
  • My personal contact and information forms and letters for physicians


  • Creating a session audio for your client
  • Uh-Oh! My client has secondary gain
  • Using Rapid Inductions and Somnambulism for Success

What is included in this course

Certificate Of Completion

After you finish the course and take a test successfully, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Lifetime Access to The Course

You’ll receive lifetime access to the course and future updates, which are housed in a password protected portal.

BONUS Scripts

A student-only BONUS full of scripts for a variety of issues including pain. 

What is available in
the portal for you:


Audio Files: you can download the audio files of each lesson

Transcript: All lessons have been transcribed for you to download and follow along

Hypnotes: Main points of each lesson combined in one downloadable PDF

PowerPoint Presentations: you can download the slides used on each lesson

Worksheets: assessments, questionnaires, and other templates I use for my own sessions with clients

Bonus Material: Videos, articles, audio files that are extra material to help you learn more about the Hypnosis for pain

One Payment of $449

3 Payments of $159

“Thank you so much PENNY! You are so amazing. I would love to add this amazing skill to my practice and I plan to as I get further down the road. Appreciate the info and the support. Warmly, Paulette “

After following the exact process I teach in this course, I started to get one success story after another with my clients who suffered from pain.

You too can achieve the same results with your clients by following the steps and processes from my Master Pain Management Hypnosis course. Here is what my clients are saying about the results they achieved with the sessions. 

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to prepare for my surgery. I have been able to feel more positive about having the surgery as well as the outcome. Of course it is scary to go through, but I know I have some tools to deal with the fear and pain. I am feeling calm most of the time now and my surgery is only one day away. I hope to continue the calm and comfort as I go through the surgery and continued healing of my recovery. Thanks for helping me to prepare so well.” ~ Cheryl H

“In the past I have had horrible issues with anesthesia with my surgeries, which lead to much anxiety with upcoming surgical procedures, until I met you. For the first time I was not anxious, or sick coming out of anesthesia. I recently underwent a surgical procedure and was fortunate enough to meet with you ahead of time. ​
I awoke from my surgery feeling like I was never under, I was alert and not sick and vomiting like usual. I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful experience this was. I think many patients can benefit from this and the hospital should set up group sessions for patients with surgical anxiety! You are wonderful!! Thank you for making my surgery a wonderful experience. ~Karen G life.”~ Aiden M

Having suffered from chronic neck pain for a long time, I started these therapy sessions as an alternate to surgery. I was initially very skeptical of hypnotherapy having any positive effect on my pain, but she has utterly changed my life. Not only has she virtually helped me eliminated my pain, but the techniques she’s taught me have had the added side effect of also reducing my stress” ~ Barb F

“After working with Penny I have major relief with IBS. I can lead a more comfortable and productive lifestyle after the relief that came from my sessions with Penny. It was a very positive experience. As a former skeptic of hypnotherapy I would highly recommend Penny and her program as it lead me a happier, healthier life.”~ Aiden M

* DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person. We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Hypnosis is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, insight, education, and motivation that will help to you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.

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