Becoming Certified in Hypnosis Can Create Faster Results for Your Clients.

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Become a

World Class Coach

Master SUBCONSCIOUS Coaching (a.k.a. Hypnosis),
the coach’s cure to ‘imposter syndrome.’

As a well-intentioned coach, no doubt you’ve experienced a moment when you’ve wondered if you were good enough and suffered from imposter syndrome. 

You’ve probably trained in techniques like NLP or other coaching models, yet you still might doubt your abilities sometimes. 

As a coach, you have probably already had clients who get stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage.

You think you’ve made headway in your client’s mindset… 

… frustratingly, but they keep repeating the same old patterns.  

It’s not your fault your difficult clients don’t get results with your current coaching methods–it’s their beliefs…

and the fact that conscious coaching can’t change these deeply held beliefs is a sign that your client’s beliefs are held subconsciously.

It’s easy to forget that it’s not your technique and fall into imposter syndrome. Conscious coaching strategies just don’t work on the subconscious mind.

It might sometimes feels like you’re not being an effective world-class coach and getting your client the results you both want because you haven’t mastered subconscious coaching – yet.

As a coach, you already KNOW your clients will get massive shifts when they break their subconscious beliefs. But another round of asking powerful questions won’t get them results.

It requires subconscious coaching, a.k.a. hypnosis to bust subconscious beliefs. 


Increase Motivation


Eliminate Procrastination


Remove fears


Create focus


Witness transformation

Don’t Refer Your “Stuck” Clients Out: You Can Help Them Yourself AFTER You Master Subconscious Coaching…

The fact that you’re reading this means that some part of you has already recognized that learning to coach the subconscious mind may be a natural progression for you in your coaching career and make you a more effective coach. 

Many well-intentioned coaches stay in fear and inaction and wonder if they should dare to learn and practice subconscious coaching, even though they can already see the subconscious beliefs that are holding their clients back. 

But you already know that subconscious beliefs can’t be shifted with conscious coaching techniques. The subconscious mind is right brain and the conscious mind is left brain.

To be an effective coach, you want to be coaching to the correct side of the brain so your coaching creates lasting change for your clients. 

When you master subconscious coaching, (a.k.a. hypnosis), you are able to effectively coach your client using a complete approach no matter if they need conscious or subconscious coaching.

This means that you don’t have to lose clients by referring them out. You’ll be able to do the subconscious coaching yourself, help them shift their deepest held beliefs, and experience the joy that comes with watching their transformation and success.  


Getting Certified Used To Be Hard… But Not Anymore.

Getting Certified Used To Be Hard… But Not Anymore.

I’ve revolutionized how coaches get their hypnosis training these days. It used to be hard and impractical….

Group hypnotist training used to mean you would spend about  25-30 hours in a classroom, then you had to go out and find people to practice until you had a total of 100 hours of practice under your belt to get your certification.


100 hours feels like a long, looooong time…

…especially if you are trying to balance your family life, fully show up and deliver for your current clients, manage the backend of your business and market yourself to get people to practice your skills on. 

Which leads to a totally different problem…

You’re great at what you do. So, naturally, your services are a PREMIUM product…

And offering clients discounts to help you get certified doesn’t align with your position in the marketplace, right?

That’s why I’ve created a new model for getting you certified in hypnosis quickly and easily.

Just imagine being able to get certified FAST

without discounting yourself or wasting your precious time

trying to find people to practice on.

Just imagine being able to get certified FAST without discounting yourself or wasting your precious time trying to find people to practice on.

Just imagine never discounting your rate.
Just imagine showing up for your clients and letting them know that you can now provide even more than you promised.

Just imagine helping your “hardest” clients create lasting results.

How rewarding would that be? How much could you raise your rate? How much joy would that bring you?

Sounds great, right?

And ask yourself how much more confident you’ll feel when you can say you’re certified, and you absolutely know, without a doubt, that you can help your ideal clients?

How much easier would it be to close clients when you know that you can help them on both a conscious and a subconscious level… and you have the certification to prove it?

How much is it worth to you to KNOW that you can get results even for clients with subconscious blocks and KNOW that Imposter Syndrome won’t be a problem for you anymore?

The fact that you’re reading this means that a part of you already wants to leave imposter syndrome and good intentions behind and become a world-class coach. 

You’re in the right place.

 Course Location:

From the comfort of your own home/office

(Excellent internet and interruption FREE environment required)

Your Guide: Penny Chiasson, THE Subconscious Coach’s Coach

I’m THE Subconscious Coach’s Coach, a Transformation Expert and behind-the-scenes trainer of leading high ticket coaches certified in hypnosis who are known for getting their clients results with lasting, transformational belief busting hypnosis sessions.

I am an award-winning hypnotist, Board Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, retired nurse anesthetist, quarterly contributor to the 5-PATH® journal, a #1 international best-selling author and sit on the advisory board of the International Association of Hypnosis Professionals. 

Since July of 2019, I have grossed multi-six figures per year exclusively offering online hypnosis sessions. I love working one to one, but I was frustrated because I knew that I could make a bigger impact and help more people.

So, I structured this online training program, using the 5-PATH® curriculum, to teach coaches how to master hypnosis, knowing that together we are creating a bigger ripple effect in the world.  


As a well-intentioned coach, you probably find yourself feeling frustrated when clients keep coming back to the same issue. I get it. Before I learned hypnosis, I had the same problem.

And frankly, even after I learned basic hypnosis techniques, I sometimes still struggled because I didn’t have the advanced skills to get to the root cause of the issue. 

Then, I learned advanced techniques that allowed me to see much deeper into the client’s issue. That’s when I started discovering how to move clients through their deep subconscious issues and eliminate them. 

I had to seek out multiple trainings and piece all these things together, but you won’t have to do that. The advanced techniques you’ll be learning in this course will allow you to get the kind of results that create massive shifts for your clients.

You’ll learn how to:

– Get into even better alignment with yourself and your goals using 7th path hypnosis, then carry this over to your client work.

-Gain expanding confidence not only with my advanced hypnosis training but with post graduation support.

Scale for success in your business with both 1:1 and group workshop programs


 Achieve marketing mastery as you niche down and become the go-to world-class expert in your niche.

This program is designed specifically to take you to the top of your game. That’s why all four parts of the framework are vital.

Without alignment, you won’t be taking the actions that grow your business as effortlessly as you get dressed in the morning.

And without expanding confidence coming from the advanced training and ongoing support you might find yourself hitting roadblocks.

And without marketing mastery, you won’t be bringing in high quality, high paying leads who are serious about changing and will joyfully send you referrals.

And without the ability to scale for success, you’ll stay stuck working for dollars per hour doing 1:1s. This is more important than you might realize because even if you trade high dollars per hour if you stop working the money stops too. 


This program is about more than hypnosis; it’s about growing your coaching business.

Serious coaches only; this isn’t a passive process.

If you’re not serious, think you already know everything about hypnosis, or just want a course to create audios for your clients this course is not for you. Seriously, just close this page now. 

This training is designed for coaches who want to partner with their clients to get RESULTS. As you already know, results are what keeps your clients talking about YOU. So it’s easy to see why you need a certification program that teaches you advance hypnosis strategies and an effective, reproducible process, is it not?

For reproducible results, first, you must understand exactly where your clients’ blocks come from.

This isn’t some guessing game where you pick and choose until you see what works.

Look, you don’t want a doctor who guesses, you want a doctor who takes your vital signs and runs tests, then diagnoses and addresses your issue, right? 

You need a proven system that you can rely on and implement confidently so that you won’t be guessing either.

And it’s not always straightforward. For example, with someone who is procrastinating, the root cause is not inaction. There is something in the past that caused their self-blocking interpretation that is holding them back from taking action. Until the older interpretation is shifted, no amount of classical hypnosis on taking action will hold.

This is exactly why you need knowledge that enhances your coaching.

 And, by now, you may have realized that getting just the basics, like so many other programs out there teach, is simply not enough. To be a world-class coach, you need to commit to advanced training in hypnosis, right?

And you want to be world-class, do you not?

 This proven 100-hour hypnosis training has been designed with busy coaches in mind. Now, you can become certified in basic and advanced hypnotic techniques in 7 days of LIVE virtual training.

You might be wondering how you get 100 hours of training into 7 days? In this newly re-designed course, the first 25-30 hours are online self-study, which you will complete before entering the LIVE portion of the course. 


This is the ONLY National Guild of Hypnotists approved training material that provides basic and ADVANCED certification in 7 days.**

This training was created based on over a thousand clients’ sessions. If you are looking for reproducible results, you probably already know this is THE advanced hypnosis training for you. It’s why I became certified to teach THIS curriculum. I have reproduced the results in over 2,000 sessions in my own practice. 

Again, I only work with coaches and professionals who are serious about being the best at what they do.   



If that’s not you, go ahead and close this page now because this training is not for you.

If you are wanting to take a hypnosis certification out of curiosity, or you are not interested in taking what you learn to impact your clients, then this is not the class for you. 

Are you just looking for a course to teach you how you can simply write scripts to record? If so, then leave this page now.

And if you are trying to avoid the emotional work that WILL move and shift your clients toward permanent change? Then don’t bother signing up. This is real, in your face, life-transforming work. 

But if you are serious about being a world-class coach…

 …and you are ready to be known as the “go-to” expert in your field who gets results and referrals, then keep reading. 

Here’s how this training breaks down. You get:

Exclusive access to an online course area where you complete approximately 25-30 hours of self-study for your basic certification.

In the online training for the basic certification, a few of the things you’ll learn include:

      • Solid Hypnosis Pre-Talk –Discover how eliminating fears can eliminate resistance to hypnosis. You will quickly find that even clients who say they can’t be hypnotized easily can be when you set the frame as an expert on how the mind works with beliefs and habits.
      • Learn how the mind works with the Vertical Model of the Mind— When you understand how and why your clients present with the issues they have you’ll become a more effective coach and hypnotist.
      • Dive into the Flow of Consciousness — Discover more about why humans do what we do! When you combine this with your coaching experience will help you identify deeper patterns in and out of hypnosis and get faster results!
      • Proper Delivery Of A Rapid Hypnotic Induction Never worry that you are putting your client to sleep during induction!
      • Principles Of Covert Hypnotic Depth Testing and the powerful use of eye catalepsy as a convincer. Your client won’t doubt their ability to enter hypnosis, and you’ll look like a superstar!
      • Discover The Secret Language of Feelings and the feel bad – distract cycle that leads to frustration in your clients. You’ll be able to teach your clients how to recognize emotions and appropriately deal with them so that they can move through their emotions and take action.


As a Certified Coach and human behaviour enthusiast, I came into this 5-Path Hypnosis Certification, already possessing a good grounding and knowledge of subconscious programming and I assumed hypnosis was relatively simple. Penny Chiasson quickly showed me there was far more to hypnosis than I thought, through her incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of the subconscious. Penny facilitates more than a thorough course, providing more support than I anticipated, going above and beyond for the students in the class. She is invested in ensuring that each student is progressing and thriving throughout the course and therefore provided expertise and value beyond my expectations. Could not recommend this highly enough and 5-Path is such a wonderful, intuitive program that I cannot wait to bring to my coaching clients.

Makaela Moore, Australia

After you successfully complete the self-study evaluation exam on the online modules, you will be able to join the 7 day live training class.

In the 7 days of LIVE training, you will get:

      • Daily mentored practice of modern hypnotic inductions, with use of convincers. You’ll find yourself convinced by your own abilities before graduation.
      • Detailed instruction in age regression, forgiveness and parts work. This systematic process sets you apart from other hypnotists.
      • Practice of directed, affect-bridge, and Time Tunnelling™ age regression to a pleasant event. Didn’t I say you would be convinced of your own abilities? Be prepared to be pleasantly blown away.
      • Daily hands-on training in a mind-body-spirit self-hypnosis called 7th PathAdd this to your group coaching programs, or simply become a daily practitioner and watch the magic happen.

Video recordings of actual client sessions with Lorretta, a hypnotherapy client, that allows you to see the full process in action and the powerful results that can be achieved in just a few hours! You’ll find that watching a client transformation start to finish solidifies the knowledge.

Because this is a LIVE training, class size is LIMITED to 10 students.

Getting the most out of your mentored practice is my priority! 



On completion of the course you will receive:

National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Consulting Hypnotist Certification, 1-year membership in the NGH and a 1-year subscription to the Journal of Hypnotism. 

A $2495 Value

5-PATH® Hypnosis Certification, 6 months membership in the International Association of Hypnosis Professionals (IAHP), access to the 5-PATH® chat forum, and to the 5-PATH® members-only area of the 5-path.com website.

A $3997 Value

7th Path™ Teacher Certification. Learn how to conduct 7th Path™ workshops, and add value to your groups. This is a simple one to many opportunity to grow your brand. The best part 

A $1997 Value

After you successfully complete this training, you will receive the following BONUSES:

BONUS: Exclusive access to my Hypnosis Resource Area. Inside you will find scripts, important links, form downloads, additional training videos, and more.

A $1997 Value

BONUS: Students get access to an exclusive Facebook group with their fellow classmates during training. 

A $1997 Value

BONUS: After the course, you’ll get access to an exclusive Facebook group for all my graduates. Get updates, ask me anything, and draw upon the experience of other professionals who are using hypnosis to increase the value they provide to their clients. 

A $3997 VALUE


You will realize there is something else amazing that happens during this process…
…if you’re like most of the coaches who complete this program, you’ll realize that the self-hypnosis training in this course can create positive shifts in YOU. During the program, you’ll find your confidence growing and realize how easy it is to create focus, peace, and joy in your own life.

And this personal transformation is 




STREAMING UPGRADE #1: After the course, you’ll get access to the master recordings of this training which includes the hypnosis session videos to watch on demand, any time.

$9997 VALUE

STREAMING UPGRADE #2: Get access to 40 volumes of mentorship calls. This is dozens of hours of expert tips, tricks and techniques based on thousands of sessions. This is the GOLD that there is not enough time to cover in class. Besides, once you’ve seen a client or two, these volumes are much more valuable!

$9997 VALUE


My Student’s Want You To Know…

You REALLY can conduct effective hypnosis training online.  

Angelina, Coach

2021 Hypnosis Graduate


Hypnosis Certification Training Dates



Hours: 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

All times CDT/CST


Fall 2022: October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 & 28


2021 Graduate

Your Clients Will Want Hypnosis!

All serious coaches understand people buy the transformation. With this training, you can confidently sell that transformation. Even the most powerful of influencers understand how important subconscious transformation is. 

Sign Up Now and Start Becoming The World-Class “Go-To” Coach In Your Niche.

What you’ll get:

The fact that you are still reading this page means that a part of you is already committed and knows that this advanced hypnosis is right for you.

So you have a decision to make.

You can choose to keep coaching without expanding your skills into advanced hypnosis. And you’ll keep getting clients with subconscious beliefs that you can’t shift and needing to fire them or refer them out eventually. 

Ask yourself and deeply consider where you’ll be a year from now if you don’t invest into this training. You might think you’ll be in the same spot but the reality is you’ll be falling further behind the leading coaches in your field who are expanding their skills and practicing hypnosis.


You can decide to step up, expand your skills and become the world-class go-to expert in your niche. You can become that coach that can get anyone results, even the ones with subconscious limiting beliefs. 

Imagine how much your reputation will grow and you’ll be able to charge higher rates and still have a wait-list of clients. You could be the world-class “go-to” coach in your niche.

So, now that you’re decided to expand your skills and help your clients shift their self-imposed beliefs it’s time to enroll now. 

If you haven’t yet fully decided that this program is perfect for you and your clients, you probably still have some questions.  Allow me to address the most frequent questions my students have…

What is the formatting and timing for this training?

      • 30 days before the live training, you will be added to the online-self study area to begin your journey there. That same day your course materials will be shipped to you. 
      • You will be invited to join an exclusive Facebook group just for your class. This is the place to ask questions about the self-study and class. 
      • When the live training starts, we start each day promptly at 9am CST/CDT and wrap up around 6:30 pm CST/CDT.
      • There will be 2 hours of live practice each day. 1 hour during the day and 1 hour at the end of the day. 
      • Be prepared to eat, sleep, and breath hypnosis during the 7 days of training.

What happens after certification?

You’re probably wondering what happens if I need assistance? You probably already know, confidence comes from competence. And competence comes from repetition.
After this course, you will have access to an online support forum where hundreds of professionals, including myself, are happy to answer your questions and support you. Of course, you can easily pop into the alumni Facebook group and ask your question as well.

There are cheaper trainings available, why train with Penny?

Ask yourself what’s more important to you–saving money on the front end, or receiving world-class training and receiving ongoing value from the support provided exclusively to my graduates? Penny brings all of her expertise into this course and continues to support you after graduation.

Remember, cheap training will cost you, and your clients, in the long run. You need a course that delivers results, confidence and gives you a proven, repeatable process so that you can get results for your clients. 

 Can 7 days of training really provide me what I need to succeed?

 Yes. 7 days of training can provide you with what you need to succeed. Sooner or later, you’ll realize it’s not a matter of time; it’s a matter of immersion, so you learn a repeatable system and the tools to accelerate your practice after graduation.


Pamela Bradley,

Coach and Hypnotist

Rise Hypnosis Services

Lynn Louise

Coach, Hypnotist, Podcaster

The Cosmic Valkyrie Podcast

I had been feeling out of alignment with my work and business and wanted to do something that would enable me to make a bigger impact than I was.  I have known Penny from a program that we were in together and knew she was the best at what she does.  As soon as the training was offered I knew that I was going to do it and I am so glad I did.  I have learned so much about myself and the many ways I can help people through hypnosis.  The course is presented in a way that is easy to understand and has given me complete confidence to go out and start my own business.


I had no hesitation in doing online training for this course.  There was not a single minute that I felt I was at any sort of disadvantage because it was an online course.  The practice sessions in class were invaluable and receiving feedback during those sessions was a great learning experience.

When going into this course I knew it was going to be really good and I had very high expectations.  My high expectations were exceeded many times over.  The information was so comprehensive and it has fully prepared me to start my practice.

Alexis S.

Smart coaches seek out certification with people who get it.

After being immersed in the coaching and entrepreneur mindset world for 2 years, I uniquely understand where you are. I am here to help you be the best coach you can be – a world-class “go-to” coach. 

I’m a board-certified hypnotist with the NGH and Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor. This curriculum is the only one I would use as a trainer–because it is the process that allowed me to send my own results into the stratosphere and leave my  J.O.B.  as a nurse anesthetist. That’s right. I have been there and struggled for results, and I want you to get success without experiencing that frustration. 

Plus, with online self-study, you have the opportunity to watch the foundational videos multiple times before the live class, which helps you to be well prepared for the advanced training. You don’t get that opportunity in a traditional 7 or 10-day live class. 

So, ask yourself what is more important–getting certified as cheaply as possible or learning an advanced technique that has been proven to work for new and experienced hypnotists immediately after completing the course?

 ** “5-PATH® IAHP was the very first to implement these standards and continues to develop the standards for the present and future in the profession.”

The program that all 5-PATH ® IAHP Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructors (CPHIs) are conducting has been taught online since 2007.  The way we provide classes online is a result of all of that experience.  This experience comes from years of teaching hypnosis certification online in classes in which either all of the students were online or in classes in which a number of the students were physically in the classroom and others participated live online. 

Penny has been certified to conduct hypnosis training online by Cal Banyan, the pioneer and creator of the virtual training standards now being implemented by the NGH. There is no other organization (IAHP) with this much experience training successful hypnotists online.  In fact, our (5-PATH® IAHP) program was the only one recognized for online training and certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists prior to March 2020. 

Not sure if this course is for you?

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