Why Hypnosis Isn’t Meant To Eliminate All of Your Bad Feelings

You might be surprised by the topic of today’s episode. Clients come to me because they’re prepared to eliminate unpleasant and uncomfortable thoughts and beliefs that cause them emotional discomfort. So why would I, a certified hypnotist, say that you can’t eliminate all bad feelings with hypnosis? What’s the point of hypnosis then? In this episode, I elaborate on why hypnosis isn’t meant to get rid of unwanted feelings and how those feelings actually serve you. 

4:07 – What’s the point of bad feelings and why you shouldn’t seek to eliminate them anyway

7:07 – Why you can’t eliminate all bad feelings even with hypnosis

7:52 – What can be done with hypnosis regarding your unwanted feelings

8:22 – How you could’ve formed beliefs that led to your negative emotions

9:38 – How a client’s “I’m not good enough” belief developed and even caused physical symptoms

14:13 – The process you can complete when you’re feeling something unpleasant

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