Celebrating Episode 88 and Influences of Spirituality

There was a time when I thought “New Age spirituality” was actually relatively new. I also thought the influences of spirituality were just for flowy skirt-wearing, crystal-loving people. My reality and way of thinking growing up didn’t take a kind view towards those types of people, so it’s kind of amazing I’ve gotten into it myself (without the flowing skirts part, though).

In this episode, I discuss the woo woo because my spiritual practices impact everything I do. I’ve had big shifts recently that have positively impacted me too, and I can’t wait to share some of those with you as I celebrate this special episode!

3:26 – My journey into “New Age spirituality” and the concept of energy

9:00 – One tool I use myself and sometimes share with clients

11:04 – The most important tool I’ve learned to use for my energy

17:13 – How Human Design is helping me do my best to follow this advice

20:26 – Ways I use crystals and how they help with my energy

22:48 – Some advice if you’re empathic and entering a group setting

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