Your Internal State is Reflected in your Business and Relationships – with Justina Gonzalez

I have a very special guest joining me today, Justina Gonzalez.  Justina started as a fitness trainer and is transitioning to working with a company focused on the mental wellness of others.  She is also evolving into becoming a leader and coach to others in her industry.  Her goal is to help people change their lives to have mental wellness to have an enriched and fulfilling life.  Justina has worked with me in my coaching program and seen tremendous results.  We talk about how the process played worked for her and how she maintains her new spiritual routine.  She shares with us the journey she has taken from being overwhelmed, stressed and doubting herself to changing her subconscious beliefs and living a more fulfilled life.

2:45 – Justina shares what her mental state was when first starting her business

5:18 – The mistakes Justina made while trying to fix her business

8:27 – Where everything started with Justina’s fear and self-doubt

13:30 – The moment Justine’s epiphany hit her

19:29 – How my workshop helped transform Justine’s subconscious beliefs and mental wellness

25:30 – How Justine’s life has changed since doing this work, not only in her business but personally

31:07 – How Justine has incorporated self-hypnosis in her everyday life

34:12 – How to find and work with Justine through Facebook

If you are ready to release negativity, renew the true essence of yourself, and realign with your higher self, join the wait-list here

You can join Justina’s Facebook groups here:  Mentally Fit Leader and The Mental Fitness Movement

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