Is this creating limiting beliefs?

Today’s show opens your eyes to the blindspots in self-help and personal development. We talk about the complicated path of healing and growth as well as the unintended effects of good advice. As a hypnotist with many years of experience, I’ve seen personally how some personal development methods, even when they’re meant to help, can sometimes get in the way, especially when it comes to dealing with our limiting beliefs.

Find Out What Your Limiting Beliefs Really Mean: Figure out that not all problems, like putting things off or not having enough money, are caused by stress or not feeling good enough. Find out how to get past the real problems that are holding you back.

Critical Thinking in Personal Development: Learn why taking self-help tips at face value can be harmful and how you can start being more selective about the information you take in.

The Power of Self-Exploration: Learn why labeling yourself or going for quick fixes suggested by other people is not the way to real growth or helping others.

It’s important to listen to this episode if you’ve ever been stuck in a cycle of self-help that doesn’t seem to work or if you want to learn more about personal growth than just the basics. We’ll talk about why some common beliefs about healing and growth might not be true for everyone and how you can find your own way to get rid of your limiting beliefs without oversimplifying or naming things incorrectly.

Come with me as we question what you think you know about personal growth and take the first step toward real, long-lasting change. This is the beginning of your journey to break free from your limiting ideas. When you press play, you’ll find out things that might change the way you approach your growth journey from now on. 

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