Journey to Adult ADHD Diagnosis Using Hypnosis to Improve Focus and Control

Embracing the Uniqueness of ADHD and My Path to Management.

In this episode, I share my recent adult diagnosis of ADHD and how it has reshaped my understanding of myself. Despite years of self-exploration and emotional release, I continued to struggle with poor executive function, time blindness, and distraction. I never thought I would test positive for ADHD, and like many, I often gaslighted myself around my symptoms. I also highlight into why I don’t identify with the label ‘neurodivergent’ and how this diagnosis has provided me with a deeper understanding of self-regulation. Lastly, I explore how hypnosis can be a powerful tool for managing ADHD symptoms.

Watch the Andrew Huberman videos on dopamine regulation:

  1. Understanding Dopamine & Its Regulation
  2. The Science of Dopamine and How to Control It

Tune in for an insightful conversation that might resonate with your experiences and offer new perspectives on managing ADHD.


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