Making The leap to a Soul Satisfying Life with Erika Flint


In this episode, I have the pleasure of sitting down with Erika Flint, a board-certified hypnotist with an extraordinary path from software engineering to mastering the art of hypnosis. Erika’s unique approach to personal transformation through hypnosis is not just her profession but her passion, and she shares with us the daily practices that keep her grounded and focused. We discuss the importance of clearing out the mental clutter and the power of questioning our own thoughts to maintain a healthy mindset. Erika’s insights into the daily discipline of self-care and mental hygiene are as practical as they are profound, offering listeners a blueprint for personal growth and self-improvement.

As the conversation unfolds, Erika reveals her journey into entrepreneurship, detailing the transition from her tech background to becoming a full-time hypnotist and eventually training others in this transformative practice. She emphasizes the effectiveness of hypnosis in her own life and in her clients’, highlighting the deep connections and trust established in her sessions. Erika’s story is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, showing how skills from one career can pivot to fuel another, and how following one’s passion can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career. Her dedication to teaching others not only the techniques of hypnosis but also the entrepreneurial skills to thrive is truly inspiring. Join us as we explore the intersection of personal development, identity, and professional growth through the lens of hypnosis.

You can find Erika on Instagram @erika.flint  and Facebook @erikacflint or visit the website, Erika’s book is Can You Be a Hypnotist and can be found on Amazon.

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