Managing your subconscious thoughts daily should be a non-negotiable habit – with Lisa Marie Pepe


I am joined today by my friend and former client, Lisa Marie Pepe. Lisa is truly a heart centered and passionate entrepreneur.  She is all about her client’s and student’s success.  Today, she shares with us how she has learned to prioritize her self-care and manage her subconscious thoughts on a daily basis, helping her grow not only as a person but in her business. 

3:03 – Lisa Marie introduces herself

5:40 – Lisa Marie shares some personal struggles she faced while launching her business

12:19 – How Lisa Marie’s fear of pain took over her life 

18:27 – How Lisa tackled her fear through hypnotherapy

21:30 – The huge opportunity Lisa grabbed onto in spite of her fear

24:32 – The three non-negotiable self care acts Lisa will not compromise on

29:24 – The biggest impact Lisa has experienced since giving herself the gift of hypnotherapy

32:50 – Lisa Marie’s advice to any one looking at hypnosis as an option to heal 

35:23 – How to get in touch with Lisa Marie

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