Hypnosis as the Missing Key to a Transformative Breakthrough with Tina Madsen

Do you often feel like you’re really good at a lot of things without being masterful at any of them? I think most of us resonate with that, including my guest Tina Madsen. She’s taken on many titles: ADHD life coach, certified hypnotist, seamstress, and even competitive athlete at one time. But for the past 20 years, she’s been on a personal journey of self-development. In this episode, we talk a little about her story and specifically her wild transformation within the last six months.

2:54 – How Tina’s diagnosis rocked her world and led to her initial transformation

6:51 – The truth about those who look like they have it all together on the outside

10:02 – Why people get stuck in repetitive patterns and vicious cycles

13:26 – Why failure to meet expectations is more detrimental to ADHD adults than kids

18:41 – Tina’s biggest takeaways during her hypnosis training with me

23:31 – The freedom Tina gained after going through a transformative hypnosis session

27:15 – How you can transform from the inside out through a hypnosis experience

30:01 – How her business practice feels to Tina these days after her transformation

34:47 – Why our subconscious brain initially resists any attempt at change

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