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Hey, Hey, penny here wanted to have a chat with you about, Oh, I don’t know. I guess my approach, my beliefs, around working with clients. Because over the last, I don’t know, two and a half years, I have caught a little bit of blow back from people around the way I do things and it’s not gonna be what you think. Okay. One of the first things that I caught blowback about was basically the fact that I niched down. The fact that starting two and a half years ago. Yeah, two and a half years ago, I exclusively began to work with people who were on a transformation journey and that could look like a lot of things. My clients, most of them are very self aware. They’ve done the work. They know what that inner voice means. They understand that imposter syndrome isn’t about the imposter syndrome. It’s something different. It’s something deeper, but we’re not gonna go into all of that. But I really caught a lot of flack because. I started calling up some of my fellow hypnotist and said, Hey, I have somebody who wants to quit smoking. Would you like a client? Hey, I have someone who wants to lose a hundred pounds. Do you want a client? And I started referring these people out and I was admonished and said, you shouldn’t refer people out. You should take care of everyone.

[00:02:37] Well, I kind of think of what I do in the same terms that I think of my career in healthcare. In healthcare I specialized in anesthesia, and when I came to Mississippi, I did a lot of trauma and critical care anesthesia. So that was kind of where I focused my attention. So I look at my hypnosis practice, the same way that I looked at medicine. I work in a very narrow area, but I go very deep as opposed to, shallow and wide. If you’ve done any marketing, you know exactly what I’m talking about, except I’m talking about it on a subconscious level. So, I’m happy to say that there is more tendency to niche now in hypnosis, but it’s not really mainstream. I would, if I had to guess, I would probably say 95% of hypnotists are generalist and 5% niche down and specialize in a specific area. So that’s the first thing that really of catches people unaware. 

[00:03:56] The other thing is that, I don’t do my hypnosis by the session. I used to and people would always ask me, well, how many sessions, how many sessions? Well, the truth is, I don’t know, until we start doing the work based on my experience now, because I’ve niche. I can ask the questions and I can come pretty close, I’m actually pretty damn accurate actually to know if it’s gonna be four or less, or if we’re looking at 5, 6, 7, 8, even 10 sessions. And I have two programs, if you will, that I put people into, depending on what they’re dealing with and what I think it’s gonna take to solve the problem. I never make any assumptions of how many, but I make sure that we have enough time that we can dig in and do the work that needs to be done. So I no longer charged by the session I charge for the transformation.  So that’s a little bit different and people don’t quite understand it. So that’s another shift that I’ve made. 

[00:05:06] The third thing is that last year, with clients that I knew who were going to be bumping up against life situations, stressors, and that they would really benefit from the support of handling these situations, when they occurred with someone who understood these subconscious underpinnings with select clients, I began to offer some coaching as well. I was taught that coaching doesn’t belong in hypnosis. You’re here to do hypnosis. You’re not here to coach. And my thought about that is, well, what if someone doesn’t understand how to deal with day to day life stressors? Like, you know, where else is something going to show up in their life and cause a problem? Or potentially trigger them to go back to the old way of doing things. Because let’s face it; when you’re 51 years old, like I am, I started my transformation journey when I was 48, no 47. I don’t know my own age. Isn’t that funny? I feel 26, so it doesn’t matter. Age is all a matter of the mind anyway. So it would be ridiculous of me to think that at age 48, I could have hypnosis and it undo 48 years of habits. Now, yes, I had a client who was a 40 year pack a day smoker who never tried to quit in her life until she reached out to me. And after one session, she was a non-smoker. And I know she stayed a non-smoker because her doctor called me for two years after I left Connecticut asking me, would I please see her clients? And I had to keep reminding her. I was in Mississippi and not Connecticut. But that lady and I actually did two sessions together, because to do a single session and to have no follow up is meaningless.

[00:07:10] So, in a situation where you’re dealing with the patterns and beliefs and the habits of thinking and feeling and how you respond and how you react. In five or six sessions, you cannot undo a lifetime. Can we take a big boulder and push it off the cliff and get you major transformation? Absolutely. Yes, but when I help clients get major transformation, I want them to sustain that and to build upon that progress. If we have a crisis and our default mode is to revert back to being reactive, right? It’s a subconscious thing. Then without the support, we can revert back into reactive thinking instead of responding and to have someone to guide you on how to handle your emotions, how to recognize your thinking to understand how your subconscious mind, the sneaky little bugger than it is. Can have you thinking that your self talk is positive, but what you’ve really done is unknowingly going back into victim thinking, to have someone to show you those blind spots so that you can continue to grow instead of sinking back down into quick sand It’s invaluable. And, I have had the opportunity to witness my clients over the last two to three years and see how they respond to the things that happen up and down in their life and to identify, oh, if they would just do this one little tweak, it would completely unlock everything that they’re dealing with and this issue would go away, but they fall back on conscious strategies that they’re taught in coaching, and there’s nothing wrong with coaching, but in coaching, when you understand the subconscious and when you have the skills to go subconscious within coaching, you can rapidly build upon those shifts, which is why I’m still doing some one on one. But it’s why I’m opening up a 12 Month hybrid mastermind that includes the one on one sessions, plus the coaching, plus the support of community of like-minded individuals, so that once people get that big transformation, they continue to stay on a path of making progress with someone who understands the subconscious and understands the knots that they’ve unraveled before, so that those things can be moved and shifted quickly.

[00:09:55] It’s funny to me, and when I say funny, I mean, ironic that people will have a therapist on retainer to just chat with everyday problems. They need a place to vent. They need a place to process. But what if you had someone on retainer to actually help you shift the subconscious pattern so that, that didn’t keep showing up as a common occurrence for you. Because we don’t have to go through life feeling the static running in the background. It’s totally not necessary. If you follow me on social media, you know that I’ve shared a screenshot of a comment from one of my clients that we did some deep work last year, and then a few months ago, she. I guess you could call it a crisis, come up and it triggered some things for her. And she and I did one session and, this worked through one session because we had done the heavy lifting before, but she just had no reservations to message me and say, Hey, I need to move through this. I need to move through it now. And after the one session, she messaged me the next day and she’s like, I feel nothing–and not, “I feel nothing” in terms of being numb, but I feel nothing in terms of the static wasn’t under the background anymore, that, that constant antsy feeling that like waiting for the other shoe to drop, it was gone. That is the power of having someone who understands the subconscious on your side. She could have worked through it with journaling and meditating and all of those things. And it eventually would’ve become so normalized that she didn’t notice it, except that she had developed a great deal of awareness after we worked together last year.

[00:11:58] If you decide that you’re ready to address that inner voice that cause all the fear and the doubt that leads to all the things, right? The inner voices is at the root of it. The inner voice is at the root of the fear, the doubt, the imposter syndrome, the procrastination, the people pleasing… It’s all about what we think things mean and the stories we tell ourselves, If you wanna tame that inner voice, if you wanna see if you’re a great fit. For the mastermind, you can apply at the link in the show notes, apply at that link, or you can apply at the link for one on one, either way. We will reach out to you and schedule a time to chat

and see if it’s a fit. Because, you know what, whether or not you feel aligned to work with me is just as important as whether or not I feel that you’re in a place you’re gonna get the greatest amount of benefit from the work that I do. Alright, I’m gonna leave it here. Have a blessed and wonderful week. go out and change the world. bye now.

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