Move Beyond Shame by: Redefining Your Story for a Fulfilling Life

In this episode of Design Your Destiny, I delve deep into understanding and navigating the complex emotion of shame. I share how shame often originates from our perceived wrong decisions and the stories we build around these experiences. These stories often revolve around guilt, fear, and a desire for acceptance.

We explored the power of identifying and addressing each of these emotions separately, and the liberating realization that shame is a self-imposed feeling. By developing our emotional intelligence, we can better understand our emotions, opening ourselves up to a more fulfilling human experience.

I emphasized the importance of maintaining a state of gratitude, contentment, and peace, and shared the reminder that we have the ultimate power to create fulfilling lives. We spoke of the dangers of perfectionist expectations and the role they play in fostering shame.

Free yourself from shame, and lean into a more authentic and peaceful way of living. It’s about understanding our emotions, accepting our human imperfections, and knowing that it’s in our hands to create a life we truly love.

Leaning into the possibility of life is exciting, and sometimes scary at the same time. Do I REALLY have infinite potential? I say don’t get attached to what will or will not happen and allow yourself to experience what that future feels like. If life is good and you know it can be even sweeter, juicer and peaceful join me in Sedona for the all-inclusive Ultimate Alignment Retreat. 11 women, 3 days with limitless possibilities! Save $1000 when you register by 8/8.Details in Bio.  


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  • Nancy DiMauro

    I found this podcast regarding shame to be very informative. Sometimes we don’t apply the right emotion to the situation. Sometimes we just bury it or try to forget it. I know I’ve probably pushed it down and not resolved alot of emotion. I now know that shame is self criticism and not a specific emotion and how I can resolve it going forward. Thank u Penny for sharing this gold nugget!

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